The Web3 wallet that makes self-custody easy and secure

The first hybrid Account abstraction wallet to support Basic (EOA) and Smart accounts, improving security and user experience.

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Reasons to love Ambire

Hybrid Wallet

Start with EOA, unlock Smart Accounts

Use the Ambire browser extension with your existing EOA like Metamask, and upgrade to a Smart Account to unlock transaction batching, paying gas in any token, on-chain simulations, and more.

Smart AccountEOA

The wallet protection you deserve

Developed by an OG team, open-source, and continually audited. Your funds are safe thanks to on-chain transaction simulation. You can finally use your hardware wallet with account abstraction.

Gas Tank

Prepay gas in any token on any chain

With Smart Accounts and the Gas Tank feature, you can pay and prepay gas with stablecoins and custom tokens. Save on gas fees by topping up on one network and paying on any supported one.


Optimize for speed and performance

Save time with transaction batching and securely skip token approvals. Test and perfect complex transactions confidently and precisely in a risk-free environment. Check your future account balance before you execute your transactions and optimize your transfer costs.

Sign or RejectSwap 25 USDC for at least 0.014 ETHSend 25 USDC to 0x5a2...12FApprove Uniswap to use 25 USDCWaiting to sign (current batch)

Your wallet,
your rules

The development of Ambire Wallet is governed by $WALLET holders in the WalletDAO. And the best part is that $WALLET is distributed to the community of Ambire Wallet.

The first chain-agnostic smart wallet

You can add any EVM network on Ambire and use smart accounts with the same address.

They love Ambire Wallet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ambire Wallet Account Abstraction wallet?

Yes. Ambire Wallet unleashes the full potential of Account abstraction in a user-friendly environment.

Is Ambire live?

Ambire Wallet has been live on the web since 2021. Ambire mobile is available for iOS and Android. The Ambire browser extension is launching in Q1 2024.

How safe is Ambire Wallet?

Ambire Wallet is built on smart contracts that were deployed back in 2019. It has been battle-tested and audited several times by Code4Arena and independent auditors. Ambire’s smart contracts are open-source and available on GitHub.

Can Ambire be used with a hardware wallet?

Yes! Ambire supports Trezor, Ledger, and Grid+ Lattice hardware wallets.

Does Ambire use ERC-4337?

Currently, Ambire is using a relayer for the web and mobile versions of the wallet. ERC-4337 will be available on the browser extension with Pimlico as bundler.

Can I import my MM account into Ambire?

Yes! EOA accounts (like Metamask) are called basic accounts in Ambire. You can use basic accounts in the Ambire extension and/or use them as signers on your Ambire smart accounts.

Can Ambire auto-detect my tokens?

Ambire will auto-detect all tokens that are available on Coingecko on the supported networks. Additionally, you can hide tokens or add custom tokens.