Ambire is a
tech innovator

Founded in 2017, we create blockchain and web3 solutions in crypto asset management and host the largest payments channels network on Ethereum.

ambire dashboard

Our flagship product is Ambire Wallet: the first open-source EVM smart wallet that delivers a UI-focused experience while ensuring strong security.

Fully self-custodial, it engages on multiple L1 and L2 networks, interacts with dApps and offers long-term value through its native WALLET token mechanism.

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Ambire AdEx is the first open-source decentralized ad platform built to serve both user privacy and transparency.

AdEx introduced OUTPACE, the first Ethereum payment channels network able to process millions of micropayments.

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What we believe in


Ambire is born of tech: an explorer, a discoverer of new frontiers with engineering-driven and R&D approaches.


Ambire is guided by connectivity, holding empathy and dialogue as keys to an engaged, vibrant community.


A commitment towards all users and stakeholders, a pledge to uphold freedom, to deliver and sustain autonomy both inside and out of the organization.


Fervent pursuit is in our core code - an ardent desire and dedication towards what Ambire envisions, builds and delivers is what fuels our spirit and keyboards.

How we got here