Ambire is at the forefront of Web3

We are committed to providing a Web3 wallet that is secure and user-friendly yet powerful, enabling users to self-custody and manage their digital assets.

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About our product

Ambire Wallet is a secure, open-source, self-custodial (hybrid) wallet supporting Smart Accounts and Basic Accounts (EOAs) on Ethereum and EVM networks like Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, and many more.

Offering seedless accounts, hardware wallet support, the same address across all supported chains, transactions batching and simulation, and the ability to cover gas fees in stablecoins or ERC-20 tokens, navigating Web3 with Ambire Wallet is a breeze and safer than ever.

The wallet is available on the web as a mobile app,and soon, it will be a browser extension for Chrome, Brave, Edge, Opera, and Firefox.

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What we believe in


Ambire is a tech innovator: we constantly explore and discover new frontiers with engineering-driven and R&D approaches.


Ambire is made by humans for humans: we listen to our engaged, vibrant community and create the wallet that they need.


Ambire is committed to upholding freedom and autonomy for all its users and stakeholders, as demonstrated with the WalletDAO.


Ambire doesn't let the inner fire go out - the dedication to what we envision, build, and deliver is what fuels our fiery motivation.