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No one wants to pay for fake traffic, yet the ad industry is losing billions annually. Ambire AdEx is a display ad network that fights ad fraud by introducing real time reporting and tools for limiting low quality traffic, and lowers ad costs by removing middlemen.

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With Ambire AdEx, you cut off intermediaries and save on unnecessary fees. We help advertisers and publishers maximize results and revenues - with the added value of real-time verifiable reporting.

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Why Ambire AdEx?

Self-serve platform

We have reduced complexity to a minimum, so that everyone can easily spread their message through Ambire AdEx ads.

Free to use, no third party fees

Optimize your advertising budget and save on unnecessary third party commissions and fees.

Real-time reporting

Understand which channels work best for you with transparent real-time reporting.

IAB banner formats supported

Run all standard banner ad sizes approved by IAB, accounting for more than 85% of all the display ads served.


Ambire AdEx doesn’t store end users data which makes it fully compliant with privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, etc.

Full custody of funds

On the Ambire AdEx Platform, you have full custody of your money and pay publishers directly for the ads they run for you.


Register and start a campaign
on Ambire AdEx in less than 5 minutes

Ambire AdEx is a self-serve ad platform for online marketing gurus as well as small business owners.

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Quick registration

You can start your campaign in 5 minutes from now. No verification required for advertisers.

Real-time reports

On our platform, advertisers can monitor their advertising stats 24/7 and can spot suspicious traffic before it’s too late. We give you the tools to spot problems and avoid low-quality traffic.

Payments in crypto currency, onboarding in all currencies

The Ambire AdEx platform works with a crypto currency called DAI. Payments in crypto allow instant payments-per-impression directly between advertisers and publishers. Fear not if you are unfamiliar with crypto currency though, because you can deposit funds on your account using a bank transfer or card payment too.

Geo-targeting and affinity categories

The Ambire AdEx platform allows you to pay by impressions (CPM). You can target users by location, age, gender and affinity categories. Create and save audiences, pick preferred publishers or exclude the ones that don’t work for you.

How to get started

Whether your goal is to raise awareness about your brand, find new users or promote an affiliate program, use Ambire AdEx to create powerful display ad campaign in a few simple steps


Register using email address

Go to Platform and pick an email address and password and you’re in! You can start exploring Ambire AdEx.


Deposit funds in your wallet

Payments on AdEx are done in DAI but you can deposit funds in fiat with bank wire or credit card via our on-ramp partners. You can withdraw in crypto at any time.


Create a campaign

in a few easy steps you can pick an audience, upload your creative, set a budget and you are ready.



Our real-time reporting system makes it easy to track your ROI, optimize bids and creatives on the go and monitor your campaign for suspicious traffic.



Reach your goals and outperform your competitors - our customer success team will make sure you are comfortable with the Ambire AdEx platform all the way.

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Who is it for?

Startups and scaleups

If your acquisition team is looking for new channels and tools, give Ambire AdEx a shot and impress your managers with ROI.


Drive converting traffic to your niche. Launch and scale campaigns for any industry without restrictions from the ad network.

Agencies and Freelancers

Manage all of your clients from one place. Ambire AdEx is the key strategic partner, whether you are running a PPC agency, a digital marketing consultancy or a marketing freelancer.