$WALLET trading is live on Huobi (WALLET/USDT), Gate.io and Sushiswap!

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Why use Ambire Wallet

Easy sign up: get started in seconds (Learn How)
Easily sign up with email and password. No need to install a browser extension - Ambire Wallet is browser-based. This makes it the fastest way to get into crypto and DeFi!
One-click access to DeFi
Easily deposit into DeFi protocols like Yearn to generate yield, and borrow at low rates from Aave - all within Ambire wallet.
Save on transaction fees & time
No ERC20 approvals, automatic gas fee management, pay for transaction fees in stablecoins!
Hardware wallet support & security focus
Funds will always be SAFU thanks to heavily audited, open-source and battle-tested smart contracts + full support for Trezor and Ledger with EIP1559. Your keys - your money.
Connect to any dApp via

Supported networks

and thousands of ERC20, BEP20, Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom tokens
other networks coming soon!

Easy signup

Email and password - that’s all you need to start using Ambire Wallet. We won’t ask you to write down a seed phrase when you create your wallet. Thanks to smart recovery you don’t need to worry about losing access to your account. Want full control? You can transfer ownership of your Ambire account to an address of yours or a hardware wallet later on.

No extension

With Ambire wallet you don’t need to install an extension or an app, because there’s none. You can easily access your wallet from any browser and at any time.

One-click access to DeFi

Get easy access to high DeFi yields without having to learn the complexities of DeFi protocols or navigate through different interfaces - just allocate some funds within your Ambire Wallet and voila.

Deposit USD/EUR/etc.

Deposit FIAT money through the integrated on-ramps. In just a few clicks, you can deposit funds through a credit card or wire transfer and go after those juicy DeFi yields.

Gas automation, no approvals

Thanks to the built-in transaction batching, you will save on gas, be able to do bulk trades and withdrawals and avoid the extra "approve" step. Additionally, you can pay for transaction fees with any ERC20 token you have.

Frontrunning protection

Get protected from sandwich attacks and frontrunning thanks to Eden and Flashbots Protect. Never lose money to a bot when trading on a DEX again!

Hardware wallet support

Benefit from the security of Trezor or Ledger, with full EIP1559 support. Get the most out of your hardware wallet without the bugs.

Bulletproof contracts

The Ambire contracts have been heavily audited, while also standing the test of time by being in use on mainnet since 2019 thanks to the Ambire AdEx ad platform.

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